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Originally from Brazil, Nanda lives in Tennessee - USA with her husband and two daughters, and she is currently expecting her third baby girl.


 She double-majored in Business Management and Psychology from EMU. Nanda is an entrepreneur, published photographer and a Financial Crime Prevention professional who has been living in the US for over 13 years. 

Nanda is a pioneer in the editorial/fashion style Maternity Photography and has been trusted by many celebrities including NFL, Nascar, and country music stars families. Her portfolio includes names like Brittany and Jason Aldean, Taylor and Brett Young, Kasi Rosa, Whitney Dillon, and Shawn Johnson. Nanda has also been featured in major publications such as People Magazine, Forbes and Good Morning America.

Right after founding her photography business, Nanda realized that there was such an unhealthy and unnecessary competition amongst women in business that she decided to do something about it. And that’s how and when SHE The Project was born! 

SHE The Project’s moto is collaboration over competition and this has become Nanda’s life purpose.

After years working with women from different parts of the world, Nanda realized that the main reasons why women have a hard time supporting one another are insecurity and low self-esteem. 

“Collaboration comes from abundance. Competition comes from an empty cup. We have all heard that empowered women empower, and this is so true! There is no way for us to love, respect and cherish another woman without first loving, respecting and cherishing our own selves!”

Additionally, Nanda believes that there is a formula to true empowerment:

“The combination of emotional and financial independence is where true empowerment resides. To me, there is no way a woman - or anyone really - can be truly empowered without any of these!” 

Nanda is a mother to two little girls whom she hopes will find a better world than the one she found - a world filled with collaboration, compassion and support!


Nowadays she splits her time between SHE, NS Photography, her financial career, Social Media collabs, kiddos and family... Phew! 

Check her personal IG account at @nandaqsantos to get to know more about her!

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